Unifying Android and iOS Teams for Accelerated App Development

At Colin The Shots LLC, we leverage cutting-edge technology to synchronize your Android and iOS development efforts, boosting efficiency without compromising performance. We enable your teams to share common code across platforms, reducing development time and eliminating inconsistencies. This means faster deployments and a unified development strategy that scales with your business needs.

A passion for creating apps

We’ve spent decades building recognizable, best-in-class mobile apps for millions of users.

First in Multiplatform

Our founder was the first engineer at one of the first companies to bring Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) technology to production on Android and iOS for millions of users.

Team Mentoring

We have quality experience training junior Android and iOS engineers to develop code within a multiplatform environment.

App Access


We can solve all sorts of problems for your team… from multiplatform Gradle build issues to internationalization.

Project Management

We have resources to manage your projects, whether it’s converting an Android app to run on iOS or creating a system for sharing code between two teams with existing apps.

App Architecture

We can improve your software architecture, migrating spaghetti code to a vendor-recommended architecture.

“Working with Colin was a joy, especially when he took the reins on launching Kotlin Multiplatform for our Meetup for Organizers project. Spoiler alert: he knocked it out of the park!

The work he and the team accomplished made it possible for us to further expand the use of KMP in our organization.”

Annyce Davis

Consultant and former VP of Engineering at Meetup